Facilitating Global Crude Oil & Gas Initiatives


RUSAMA LIMITED, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and mutually beneficial experience to all of our clients. Working with the utmost integrity and facilitating fair business dealings is integral to our global operations. Our network of crude oil partners and affiliates demand the best, and it is our job to deliver on the promises we make. The world machine runs on crude oil – we want to facilitate the best deals to keep this machine running smoothly, efficiently & effectively.


Our business network extends across the globe! Buyers, sellers, refiners and business partners alike share in Rusama Limited’s extensive global network. It is Rusama’s goal to align and partner with key players in the industry and execute mutually beneficial business transactions to continue to build a greater global presence in the crude oil market. Contact us to obtain more information about becoming a part of our business network TODAY!


Rusama Limited, LLC facilitates high volume trading in the crude oil market by connecting qualified end-buyers and sellers from within its extensive client network. From commencement to completion, the utmost professionalism and ethical standards are adhered to in order to cultivate long-term business partnerships. If you are interested in learning more, please go to the Contact Us page to submit an email directly to Rusama Limited, LLC and we will get in touch with you immediately!